Publications of Giuseppe Vitiello
Publications of Giuseppe Vitiello
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Publications between 2015 and 2017

Papers in Journals
1)A. Capolupo, G. Vitiello, W. Freeman; The dissipative many-body model and phase transitions in brain nonlinear dynamics; ACN 4, 117 (2015)
2)A. Capolupo, G. Vitiello; Vacuum condensate, geometric phase, Unruh effect and temperature measurement; AHEP x, x (2015)
3)A. Capolupo, G. Vitiello, R. Kozma, A. Olivares del Campo, W. Freeman; Bessel Functions in Mass Action Modeling of Memories and Remembrances; Phys. Lett. A x, x (2015)
4)L. Montagnier, E. Del Giudice, J. Aissa, C. Lavalle, S. Motschwiller, A. Capolupo, A. Polcari, P. Romano, A. Tedeschi, G. Vitiello; Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves; EBM 34, 106 (2015)
5)A. Capolupo, G. Vitiello, C. Cherubini, M. Bertolaso, A. Loppini, A. Gizzi, S. Filippi; The Role of Coherence in Emergent Behavior of Biological Systems; EBM 34, 138 (2015)
6)A. Capolupo, G. Vitiello, A. Olivares del Campo, W. Freeman, R. Kozma; Brain Dynamics, Chaos and Bessel Functions; J. Phys. Conf. Series x, x (2015)
7)A. Capolupo, G. Lambiase, G. Vitiello; Axion-photon mixing and geometric phase; J. Phys. Conf. Series x, x (2015)
8)G. Lambiase, A. Capolupo, G. Vitiello; Thermal Condensate Structure and Cosmological Energy Density of the Universe; AHEP 2016, 3127597 (2016)
9)G. Lambiase, A. Capolupo, G. Vitiello; Probing Mixing of Photons and Axion-Like Particles by Geometric Phase; AHEP 2015, 26051, (2015)