Fabrication and transport properties of superconducting thin films



The research activity of the group is devoted to the investigation of the superconducting and magnetic properties of artificial heterostructures based on conventional metals. The group is intensively involved in the study of superconductor/ferromagnetic (S/F) hybrids and to the physical phenomena related to the inhomogeneous character of the superconducting order parameter in these systems and to the generation of odd-frequency spin triplet superconductivity.

Another research line focuses on the study of the superconducting properties of Nb thin films deposited on porous silicon templates with pores diameter and interpore distance tunable in the range 5-10 nm and 10-40 nm, respectively. These templates were initially used as a systems of pinning arrays in order to obtain the formation of commensurate vortex structures at high matching fields down to low temperatures. More recently, the investigation dealt with the study of thermal and quantum fluctuactions displayed by the resulting interconnected superconducting nano-networks.



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Interplay between superconductivity and magnetism

Superconducting nanowire networks