Gravitational physics and Astrophysics

Head: Prof. Gaetano Lambiase

Our group is active in Early Universe Cosmology, Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetimes, Microlensing, Search for extrasolar planets, Search for baryonic dark matter, Gravitational lensing by black holes.

We are involved in the MiNDSTEp international collaboration for the observation of microlensing events.

We participate in the INFN project QGSKY

We participate in the PRIN "Fisica Astroparticellare Teorica".

We organize the conference cycle Current Problems in Theoretical Physics

We organize the Advanced School on Exoplanetary Physics.

We have organized the 15th Microlensing Workshop, held in Salerno University in January 2011.

We have built an Observatory in the Salerno University campus.

We have realized an automatic code for real-time modelling of anomalous microlensing events (RTModel)

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