MiNDSTEp Meeting 2016
March 14-16, Vietri sul Mare (Italy)

The MiNDSTEp consortium has successfully led 8 years of observational campaigns using the Danish 1.54m telescope at ESO, La Silla. Several telescopes are joining the consortium building an effective follow-up network. The main scientific focus is the search for extrasolar planets by the microlensing method, but several parallel projects (transits, variables in globular clusters, quasar microlensing, asteroids, brown dwarfs) have produced highly appreciated results.

The annual meeting will provide a great opportunity to report the latest results and discuss the strategies for the future in a friendly and agreeable environment.


The meeting will be held at International Institute for Advanced Scientific Studies "Eduardo R. Caianiello" (IIASS) in the enchanting scenario of the Amalfi coast. Convenors are expected to lodge at Hotel La Lucertola, 200m from IIASS (see below).

For directions please check the IIASS webpage. Shuttles from Naples Airport will be organized by the Hotel.

The meeting is also supported by the Physics Department of the University of Salerno.


  • Monday morning: Report from 2015 campaigns

  • Monday afternoon: Parallel projects.

  • Tuesday morning: News from telescopes in the network.

  • Tuesday afternoon: Gravitational lensing theiry

  • Wednesday: morning: Highlights on microlensing events

  • Wednesday afternoon: MiNDSTEp in the future

Full agenda here



Please send an e-mail to Valerio Bozza before 27 February. If you wish to give a presentation, send the title of your talk as well.

The registration fee should be no higher than 100 Euro, to be paid on-site by cash. Depending on the number of participants, the fee will be correspondingly lowered.
Included in the fee are wifi access, coffee breaks, badge, stationery and technical assistance.




Hotel La Lucertola offers the following rates: 100 € full board, 90 € half board in single rooms. Please make your reservation at info@hotellalucertola.it specifying "MiNDSTEp meeting" in the subject and declaring your preference.

Do not forget to provide your flight details so as to organize your transfer from and to the airport.


Valerio Bozza, Giuseppe D'Ago, Luigi Mancini


Valerio Bozza (University of Salerno, Italy)
Giuseppe D'Ago (IIASS, Italy)
Martin Dominik (St. Andrews University, UK)
Markus Hundertmark (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Uffe Grae Jorgensen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Luigi Mancini (MPIA Heidelberg, Germany)
Gaetano Scarpetta (University of Salerno, Italy)