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Topological Anomalies in Josephson Junctions Arrays

13 Dicembre 2019 12:00 - 13:00
14 - 15 IV piano St. 9
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Dipartimento di Fisica and MINAS Lab Universit? di Roma ?Tor Vergata?
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Superconduttivita', Sistemi fortemente correlati, Eterostrutture e loro applicazioni

Roughly two decades ago a Bose-Einstein transition was predicted for arrays of superconducting islands connected by Josephson potentials. The transition was predicted to be originated by the topology of the system islands-junctions when shaped in the form of planar graphs in which condensation of bosons (Cooper pairs) should take place along specific branches of the network. I will discuss our experimental approach to the investigation of the theoretically predicted effects and review the most relevant results obtained to date. The results clearly indicate the existence in the investigated samples of topological anomalies whose evidence is obtained by comparison of the magnetic field and temperature dependence of graph-embedded arrays with geometrically equivalent structures fabricated by side on the same chip sample.


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Calendario Attività