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Einstein, Bohr, Bell, and physical reality.

16 Dicembre 2019 15:00 - 16:30
P2 - Edificio F3
Institut d`Optique, Palaiseau, France
Area di Ricerca
Teoria dei Campi, Gravitazione ed Astrofisica

Starting from the Einstein-Bohr debate, we propose a way [1] to make usual quantum mechanics compatible with physical realism, defined as the statement that the goal of physics is to study entities of the natural world, existing independently from any particular observer`s perception, and obeying universal and intelligible rules. Rather than elaborating on the quantum formalism itself, we modify the quantum ontology, by requiring that physical properties are attributed jointly to the system, and to the context in which it is embedded. In combination with a quantization principle, this non-classical definition of physical reality sheds new light on counter-intuitive features of quantum mechanics such as the origin of probabilities, non-locality, and Bell?s theorem [2]. [1] Alexia Auff?ves and Philippe Grangier, ?Contexts, Systems and Modalities: a new ontology for quantum mechanics?, Found. Phys. 46, 121 (2016); [2] A. Auff?ves and P. Grangier, ?Violation of Bell?s inequalities in a quantum realistic framework?, Int. J. Quantum Inform. 14, 1640002 (2016) [arXiv:1601.03966].


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Calendario Attività