Roberta Citro

Department of Physics, University of Salerno

Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132

I-84084 Fisciano (Sa)-Italy

Phone: +39 089969187

Fax: +39 089969658





Faculty member (Researcher)-- Department of Physics, University of Salerno (IT)           2001-Present


Marie Curie Fellow--Laboratoire LPMMC-CNRS, Grenoble (FR)       2007-2008


INFM Postdoc Fellow--Department of Physics, University of Salerno   1999-2001


Fulbright Postdoc Fellow--Department of Physics, Rutgers University (New Jersey)    1998-1999




PhD in Physics --Department of Physics, University of Salerno                 1994-1997

Laurea Degree in Physics--Department of Physics, University of Salerno                        1993



Strongly correlated electron systems: high-temperature superconductors, low-dimensional systems,  Luttinger liquids, spin-ladder systems, ultracold bosonic and fermionc atoms, mesoscopic systems, quantum phase transitions, quantum transport




SIF (Società Italiana di Fisica) award                                           1998

Angelo Della Riccia Fellowship                                                      1998

Fulbright Fellowship                                                                      1999

Marie Curie Fellowship                                                                  2007


OTHER                         Member of the Laboratory Spin-CNR, Salerno (Italy)

PROFESSIONAL         Guest Editor of The European Physical Journal B and Special Topics

ACTIVITIES               Referee of Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. B and A, New Journal of Physics, Physics Letters A

                                  .Member of PhD Collegium, Department of Physics, University of Salerno




·           Organizer, BEC2012 “Theory of Quantum Gases and Quantum Coherence”, Lyon (France) 5-8th June 2012.

·           Organizer, BEC2010 “Theory of Quantum Gases and Quantum Coherence”, Nice (France) 2-5th June 2010.

·           Organizer, BEC08Grenoble “Theory of Quantum Gases and Quantum Coherence”, Grenoble (France) 2-6th June 2008.

·           Organizer, International Conference “Highlights in Condensed Matter Physics”, Castello di Arechi (Salerno),  9-11th May (2003);

·           Organizer, National Congress of Superconductivity (SATT XI), Lloyd’s Baia Hotel di Vietri sul Mare (Sa)- 19-22th March (2002) ;

·           Scientist in charge of the project: “Quantum transport and coherence in low-dimensional systems”- FARB (ex 60%), University of Salerno (from 2008).




·         “Macroscopic quantum effects and quantum transport properties in mesostructures”, granted by the Regione Campania (for 65.000€, 2003)

·         “Spin transport properties in mesoscopic etherostructures”, granted by Regione Campania (for 10.200€, 2005)

·         “Quantum Phase Transitions in dipolar atomic gases in low-dimensions” granted by CNISM (for 2.500€, 2006)

·         “Quantum transport and coherence in low-dimensional systems”- FARB, granted by University of Salerno (2008-2009).

·         “Transport Properties and Coherence in Nanostructures”-FARB, granted by University of Salerno (2011).



·         (undergraduate) Optics and Acoustics

·         (undergraduate) Didactics experiences (Science Formation Faculty)

·         (undergraduate) General Physics

·         (undergraduate) Scattering Theory

·         (undergraduate) Mechanical Statistics

·         (undergraduate) Solid State Physics (II)

·         (undergraduate) Physics of many body systems

·         (graduate) Quantum Liquids

·         (graduate) Quantum Transport in mesoscopic systems



·         “Non-equilibrium phenomena and quantization of particle transport in cold atoms system in one-dimension”, Workshop “Dissipation quantique et transport hors d’èquilibres”, at CTPG Grenoble (France), 8 october 2007

·         “Stirring of a one-dimensional interacting Bose gas” Miniworkshop on Strong correlations in materials and atom in traps, ICTP, Trieste 7  August, 2008.

·         “Quantum stirring in a one dimensional Bose gas as a probe for superfluidity” (invited), International Conference on Low-Temperature Physics LT25, Amsterdam 8-13 August, 2008.

·         “Anomalous phonon softening in cuprates due to charge-density wave instability” (invited), General Conference of the Condensed Matter Division CMD22, Roma 25-29 August, 2008.

·         “Quantum Pumping and Coherence Effects in Quantum Dots”, International Conference “Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity”, Anacapri (Na), 3-6 June 2009.

·         Phase Diagram and Momentum Distribution of an Interacting Bose Gas in a Bichromatic Lattice”, Conferenza Internazionale “Emerging Trends in Advanced Correlated Materials” (invited), Capri 6-8 Ottobre 2010 (

·         Effects of interactions and disorder on an Interacting Bose Gas in a Bichromatic Lattice”, Workshop “Correlations, Fluctuations and Disorder” (invited), Grenoble (Fr), 13-15 Dicembre 2010 (

·          Oral “Quantum simulations of Fermi gases in double well optical lattice”, Workshop DMD Atom based Nanotecnology, Arcetri (Firenze), 19 gennaio 2011 (

·         Seminar “Adiabatic Quantum Pumping in Etherostructures”, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, 10 Marzo 2011 (

·         Invited oral “Phonon anomaly and spectral kinks in cuprates: Interplay between charge lattice interaction and strong electron correlations”, Conferenza Internazionale STRIPES 11 Quantum Phenomena in complex matter and quantum physics of living matter, Roma “La Sapienza” 10-16 Luglio 2011.

·         Seminar “Phonon anomaly and spectral kinks in cuprates: Interplay between charge lattice interaction and strong electron correlations”, Max Plank Institute of Stuttgart, 5 Ottobre 2011.

·         Conference Spintronics and its applications in modern electronics”, Master in Scienza dei Materiali, University Hernandez, Elche (Alicante)-Spain-4 Aprile 2012;

·         Oral “All electrical spin current generation in topological insulators”-Capri Spring School on Transport in Nanostructures 12-15 Aprile, 2012.

·         Seminar “Electrically controlled spin and charge transport in topological insulators”, all’IFW di Dresda (Germania), 10/09/2012;

·         Communication at XCVIII Congresso Nazionale SIF, Phonon anomaly and spectral kinks in cuprates, Napoli, 19 settembre 2012

·         Oral “Magnetoresistance and spin-transfer torque in hybrid superconductor/ferromagnet structuresalla Conferenza Internazionale MAMA-Hybrids - Multifunctional Hybrids And Organics, Ischia, 23/10/2012.

·         Seminar, “Out of equilibrium phenomena of one-dimensional Bose gases: The quantum stirring and the quantum pumping” al Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Harvard, 18/04/2013