Silvia Scarpetta

Dipartimento di Fisica "E.R.Caianiello"

Università di Salerno

Fisciano (SA) Italy


Office n. 25 P

+39 089 969418

home:+39 0815604044


 Research interests

I'm interested in Computational Neuroscience and in Statistical and Biological Physics.

In particular cortical dynamics, phase coding, learning and plasticity,

complex systems, glasses and neural networks.

 BRAIN: Memory, movement, cognition and perception arise from the collective
activity of neurons within cortical circuits and across large-scale
systems of the brain. While the causes of single neuron spikes have
been understood for decades, the processes that support collective
neural behavior in large-scale cortical systems are less clear and
have been at times the subject of contention. Modeling large-scale
brain activity with the tools of statistical physics is the topic of
my research.


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