Mario Salerno

Professor of Solid State Physics

Department of Physics "E. R. Caianiello"
via S. Allende, I-84081 Baronissi (SA)
tel. +39 (0)89 965 397
fax +39(0)89 965 275

Mario Salerno is Associate Professor of Solid State Physics at the University of Salerno and a member of the National Institute of Condensed Matter Physics ( INFM), Unita' di Salerno . He has been working for extended periods of time in many Universities and international centers these including the University of Wisconsin, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the MIDIT at the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Arizona. His research interests lie in the fields of classical and quantum nonlinear dynamics (Solitons) with applications to Condensed Matter Physics, these including: Fluxon's dinamics in Josephson junctions, Solitons and Shock waves in molecular chains , Quantum lattice models and strongly correlated Fermi systems, Integrability and Chaos in Classical and Quantum systems, Nonlinear Properties of DNA . He is author of more than 100 publications, of which more than 80 in international refereed scientific journals. Among the most significant results there are the development of the theory of the linewidth of a Josephson oscillator, the development of the theory of phase locking of fluxons in long Josephson junctions, the introduction of group theoretical methods for exact diagonalizations of strongly correlated electronic systems, the introduction of a nonlinear model which is a generalization of the tight binding Schrödinger model for the dynamics of a quasiparticle in a molecular crystal. Moreover, he introduced the idea of chaos suppression by weak external periodic signals, as well as the first nonlinear model of DNA which attempts to relate the dynamics to the functioning of the molecule. He has coordinated international projects and acts as referee for several journals, among others Physical Review Letters and Physical Review B. He has participated as invited speaker to many international conferences, several times as organizer or as member of the Scientific Committee.

Some recent submitted papers:

V.M. Buchstaber, J.C. Eilbeck, V.Z. Enolskii, D.V. Leykin, and M. Salerno
Multidimensional Schrödinger equations with Abelian potentials,
submitted to J. Math. Phys. (2001),

M. Salerno, M.R. Samuelsen, and A.V. Yulin
Spectral Linewidths of Josephson oscillators ,
submitted to Phys. Rev. Lett. (2001).

A list of selected publication is also available.

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